Earlier this year, REMN made a strategic marketing decision to begin using the trade name Homebridge in certain aspects of our business. Currently, both our new west coast-based Wholesale Operation (“Homebridge Wholesale”) and our newly-formed Correspondent Division are operating using this trade name (dba). Additionally, certain other internal administrative accounts have begun using email addresses from the domain “@homebridge.com”. The rest of the REMN organization is not using this new dba. This includes our Retail Channel and our pre-existing east coast-based Wholesale Operation (“REMN Wholesale”).

As a result of all this, there has been some confusion, especially on the part of our broker/partners in the wholesale channel.

Our decision to open a second Wholesale Operations Center on the West Coast was based primarily on our goal of increasing overall wholesale volume while simultaneously expanding our geographic footprint.

While both REMN Wholesale and Homebridge Wholesale are part of the REMN Organization, they are two separate Operations Centers. A broker can choose to enter into a business relationship with either, or both. The Ops Centers are managed by different teams, and each employs its own group of support staff from Setup through Closing. A loan in the REMN Wholesale pipeline cannot be accessed by Homebridge, and vice versa. For all practical purposes, they are two separate Wholesale Divisions operated by the same parent company.

We hope this clears up any confusion. Please contact your Account Executive with any questions.