Effective immediately REMN Wholesale will begin requiring all conventional appraisal orders follow the process outlined below:

  1. All Conventional loan appraisal orders must be placed through REMN’s approved appraisal management company Mortgage Management Consulting, Inc.
  2. In the event MMC is not licensed in the state requested, MMC will inform REMN who will confirm the alternative AMC to be used by the broker.
  3. Confirmation of the alternative AMC direction will be reviewed by the REMN underwriter at the time of collateral approval.  If the report was not completed by the directed AMC the report will not be eligible for use.
  4. Appraisal reports must be original PDF reports uploaded directly to REMN’s Blitz software by the appraisal management company.
AMC NameREMN Affiliated?Web Address
MMC, Inc.YEShttp://www.mortgagemanagementconsulting.com