Our Kennesaw Operations center will continue to service our South East retail operations. All loan types, including Conventional, FHA, and VA will now be underwritten and closed in one operations center. Please note the following:

• Existing Pipeline – You and your Account Executive will be notified via email of the Edison Underwriter now responsible for each of the files you had in our Kennesaw pipeline. Your Account Executive can also assist you with logistical information relating to underwriting and closing. While we do not expect any significant delays during this transition, some issues are inevitable. Your cooperation and patience during this process is appreciated.

• New File Submissions -We are committed to making this transition seamless to our clientele. However, we are temporarily suspending acceptance of any new Conventional for one week while we insure that the transferred files are handled with the excellent service that is the trademark of our company. We have made the necessary technology, infrastructure and staff training enhancements to support these two products out of the Edison Operations Center. New FHA submissions are unaffected. On Monday February 14th, we will begin accepting new conventional submissions in the Edison Operations center.  We will re-open VA submissions once we are properly staffed.

Your account Executive can answer any additional questions that you may have. Once again, thanks for your cooperation and your continued business.