Effective immediately, the new submission coversheet must be utilized.  It is posted on the front page of our website.  The new submission sheet contains an up-to-date list of our underwriters.  Also, please be aware that for a multitude of reasons we can no longer guarantee your file will be assigned to one of the underwriters you have selected.  Here are two tips for receiving one of the underwriters you prefer:  (1) While you must select AT LEAST six underwriters, there is no maximum; select as many underwriters as possible.  (2) Submit your file between the hours of 5:00pm (the day before) and 12:00pm, which insures you will be one of the first to request the underwriters you have selected.


As a result of a dramatic increase in the number of files requiring closing docs to be drawn more than once, we have been forced to institute a $150 re-draw fee.  Effective for closings beginning Monday, July 20, this fee will be subtracted from your YSP.


Due to a growing number of default cases involving a POA for a borrower who later claimed to be unaware of the loan application’s existence, effective immediately all POAs require an exception to be granted by our corporate counsel, Philip A. Schild, Esq. or the Title Department Supervisor, Tamie Kulpa.  Examples of acceptable reasons to use a POA are active military duty or physical medical disability preventing the borrower from attending the closing.  We require 72 business hours to review a POA exception request, so please plan accordingly.  The five-item internal checklist is posted in the “Forms and Documents” section of our website.


This is reminder that all fees charged to the borrower on an FHA closing must be “reasonable and customary” per Mortgagee Letter 2006-04.  Please be advised, fees deemed excessive may be reduced at the time of settlement at SA’s discretion.

If you have any questions, please contact your AE.