The procedures for closing a loan in the State of New York are fundamentally different from every other State in a number of ways. Please read this entire page VERY CAREFULLY.

Although REMN strives to fulfill its clients’ expectations, we want to make you aware that our normal closing turn times and procedures will take longer for closings on New York properties.

New York State Banking Department regulations require lenders to adhere to certain procedures in order to insure that the lender originates and closes loans in accordance with State laws. Moreover, any violation of these laws will subject the lender to fines and/or refunds. PLEASE NOTE: We require our Attorney to be present at the closing, as there is no ability to obtain a CPL (closing protection letter) in the State of New York. A list of our Approved Attorneys is below.

All title binders and related documents must be emailed to:


Please allow 24-48 hours for legal review of the title work after submission.

Since the settlement involves the coordination of at least three parties, please expect a MINIMUM of 24 hours between scheduling and the first available time slot for settlement.

List of Approved Attorneys (updated frequently)| Click Here

If you wish to get an attorney approved that is not currently on our list, follow these instructions | Click Here

New York State FAQs | Click Here