Help Desk

REMN Wholesale Help Desk REMN LE Requests

Please Direct ALL Renovation Questions to the REMN Wholesale Helpdesk

We have an on-line HELP DESK to provide quick, accurate answers to your questions. 

  • Conditions not reviewed in posted turn time?
  • Clarification on an existing condition?
  • FHA or REMN guideline question?
  • Appraisal review status?
  • New LE question?

REMN Wholesale offered service for Broker’s Initial Loan Estimate:

  • REMN WS will complete your initial Loan Estimate, request must be received within 24 hours of application
  • Includes the Intent to Proceed, Settlement Service Provider List and e-Consent sent with Initial LE
  • Available for all Loan Products
  • Request changes to REMN prepared LEs prior to loan submission here