DATE: January 29, 2019

REMN Wholesale’s policy for receipt of 2018 W2/1099 forms can be found below. This guidance is applicable for all loan products that require income documentation:

If the AUS findings or program requirements for manually underwritten loans require a W2 or 1099 for income qualification, REMN Wholesale requires receipt of the most recent form. As Federal law mandates that an employer issue a W2 or 1099 by January 31st of the current year, REMN Wholesale will require receipt of the 2018 W2 or 1099 for any loan that is disbursing on or after February 1, 2019.

REMN Wholesale will consider case by case exceptions if the borrower has not received their 2018 W2/1099 form by January 31, 2019.

This policy applies to all pipeline loans.

Please contact your Account Executive with any questions.