SUBJECT: 2023 VA Loan Limits

DATE: October 3, 2022 (Revised 10/14/22)

REMN is amending maximum loan limit amounts for eligible conforming loans as noted below

  • Maximum conforming loan amount in the contiguous states is $700,000 (formerly $715,000)*
  • Maximum conforming loan amount for Hawaii and Alaska is $1,050,000 (formerly $1,073,000)*

*Updated loan limits effective 10/14 for new submissions and pipeline loans being locked 10/14 or later. Locked pipeline transactions using the previously communicated higher limits will be honored. All other guidance is still applicable.

REMN is pleased to announce that we will permit VA Loans to close with anticipated 2023 loan limits.

This early adoption allows a loan to be priced as a conforming loan amount, instead of a high balance loan amount:

  • $647,200 to $700,000 for the 48 contiguous States
  • $970,800 to $1,050,000 for Alaska and Hawaii
  • When the actual 2023 FHLMC limits (which is the basis for VA) are announced, these amounts may be higher

This applies to existing and new loans and is subject to the below guidance.


  • Veteran FULL eligibility required. If the Veteran does not have FULL eligibility, even if it is sufficient eligibility to achieve the 25% guarantee, this early adoption cannot be used
  • The Note date must be on or after 11/15/22
  • Single family only

Loans not meeting the eligibility of early adoption can still close on or before 11/14/22 as follows:

  • Pricing would be based on the 2022 limits. Therefore, if a loan in Hawaii were $980,000 and wanted to close before 11/15/22, it would have to be priced as a high balance. If the Note were dated on or after 11/15/22 it could be priced as
  • Multi family loans must use the 2022 limits until 1/1/23

Until further notice, loans will need to be manually locked with the Lock Desk at

**Please contact your Account Executive with any questions**

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