SUBJECT: Buydowns Available for Jumbo AUS and Access Loans

DATE: January 13, 2023 (revised 5.25.23)

*Note: Effective 5.25.23, the Jumbo AUS product has been discontinued

REMN is pleased to announce that we are now offering temporary buydown options for the following loan products: Jumbo AUS and Access Non-QM. These options are available immediately.

Temporary Buydowns for Jumbo AUS

  • 2/1 and 1/0 options available
  • Fixed Rate loans only (ARMs are ineligible)
  • Primary Residence only
  • Purchase Transactions only (Refinances ineligible)
  • Seller Funded only
  • Loan must be qualified using the Note rate

Temporary Buydowns for Access

  • 2/1 and 1/0 options available
  • Seller Funded only
  • Max 80% LTV
  • Fixed Rate loans only (ARMs and Interest-Only are ineligible)
  • Purchase transactions only (Refinances ineligible)
  • Primary Residence and Second Home only
  • Maximum loan amount of $2,000,000
  • Minimum $150,000 loan amount required
  • Full Doc and Bank Statement/1099-Only doc types are eligible
  • P&L Statement only, Asset Qualifier and Investor Cash Flow doc types are ineligible
  • 0x30x12 housing payment history required
  • Non-occupant co-borrowers are ineligible
  • Loans must be qualified using the Note Rate
  • All other temporary buydown guidance must be in accordance with Fannie Mae Seller Guide (B2-1.4-04)

Product guidelines have been updated and can be located at

**Please contact your Account Executive with any questions**