SUBJECT: Conventional Platinum Pricing Updates

DATE: May 15, 2023

**The contents of this announcement supersede Announcement 2020-20, “Conventional Platinum W2 Program”**

REMN Wholesale is pleased to announce enhancements to our Conventional Platinum Pricing Program.  We have expanded program parameters for Platinum Pricing eligibility:

  • Second homes now eligible (previously primary residence only)
  • Self-employment now eligible (previously W2 only)
  • All business ownership types eligible for conventional financing allowed – Schedule C, S-Corp, Partnership, etc.
  • Maximum businesses owned is one
  • One additional REO allowed, in addition to the subject property (previously no REO permitted)

These new enhancements are eligible for conventional (non-renovation) loans registered in REMN’s Hub portal Tuesday, May 16, 2023, and after.

When locking a loan, Brokers will receive an error message in the Hub until the system is updated. Therefore, please email REMN’s Lock Desk at, and they will assist with a manual loan lock.

As a reminder, Conventional Platinum Pricing has no FICO or LTV restrictions, and is not applicable for Homestyle loans.

The criteria for REMN’s other Platinum Pricing Programs remains unchanged.

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