Effective March 1, 2021 the Internal Revenue Service will only be accepting transcript requests completed on a 4506-C form.

The IRS is replacing the current 4506-T with the new 4506-C Income Verification Express Service (IVES) Request for Transcript of Tax Return form. The new form will provide greater protection for the taxpayer’s personal information.

4506-C Form

The new 4506-C form requires Line 5a be completed when transcripts are delivered to a third party, which allows the transcripts to be delivered to a secure mailbox.

The REMN IVES participant information must be included on Line 5a, in its entirety, as shown below or the transcript request cannot be processed.

TaxReturnVerifications.com 327 Caldwell Dr #100 Goodlettsville, TN 37075 615-250-2005 IVES MAILBOX #ORDER4506

See example of line 5a on the new IRS Form 4506-T – accessible on the PDF version of this announcement.


Broker Transactions

REMN Wholesale is including the new version of the 4506C form for both REMN-prepared initial disclosures and when re-disclosing to the borrower(s) for broker-prepared initial disclosures.


Emerging Banker Transactions

A fillable PDF version of the 4506C form with REMN’s IVES information completed is available at www.remnwholesale.com. Emerging Bankers may use this form for the borrower(s) to execute.

For all Broker and Emerging Banker transactions, if the 4506C form needs to be updated during the loan transaction, REMN will provide the corrected form to the client to have the borrower(s) sign.

NOTE:  Broker or EB provided tax transcripts may not be used. Obtaining tax transcripts must be facilitated by REMN Wholesale.


Please contact your Account Executive with any questions.


To download this announcement in PDF format click here.

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