REMN Wholesale is pleased to offer our new Jumbo Platinum product. Jumbo Platinum offers superior pricing for loans that meet specific parameters.

Eligibility for Jumbo Platinum

  • REMN’s jumbo product
  • W2 or fixed income borrowers ONLY
  • Purchase or refinance (cash-out and rate/term)
  • Primary residence ONLY
  • No other properties owned (including second home and investment properties. Departing residences acceptable)
  • Max loan amount $1.5 million

Loan Types Ineligible for Jumbo Platinum

  • Self-employed borrowers
  • Multiple properties owned (financed and free and clear)
  • Loans where a tax return is required for documentation for any borrower
  • Second homes and investment properties
  • Loan amounts over $1.5 million

Jumbo Platinum offers ease of use with no additional minimum LTV or FICO requirement overlays.

For additional information, please contact your Account Executive.