REMN Wholesale, an industry leader in customer service and consistent same day turn times, is introducing their revamped portal on Monday, July 1, 2019. Appropriately named The Hub (, the new portal will provide a central location for partners to submit and manage their pipeline. The Hub allows REMN’s customers to initiate live chats with helpdesk experts, request locks and extensions, organize multiple submissions, track the status of loans, and other tasks critical to the success of the broker and emerging banker channels.

“The Hub was created from the ground up to align with our core mission that we consistently need to earn our customer’s next loan,” said Julie McCall, REMN’s VP of Operations. “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a system that leverages the latest technology to improve efficiency while maintaining the human element that defines our brand.”

The Hub was designed in lockstep with feedback from some of REMN’s most active customers as a way to meet the needs of the modern originator. REMN’s partners played a crucial role in identifying gaps in the initial planning of The Hub and guiding changes to ensure the portal exceeded the needs of those it was designed to serve.

“When we began brainstorming The Hub, we realized right immediately that the best way to develop the portal was to make sure the end users, our partners in the real world, were involved in the development process,” continued McCall.

Brett Lopes, President of Intercounty Mortgage in Hazlett, New Jersey, was one of the most vocal testers in the development of The Hub for REMN.

“The Hub is a gamechanger. It allows me and my sales team to spend more time originating loans and my processors love the intuitive design and ease of use. REMN Wholesale is my go-to lender” commented Lopes.

In keeping with REMN Wholesale’s commitment to white-glove customer service, The Hub will be rolled out in phases to provide its partners with adequate onboarding support during the launch. REMN will be communicating specific roll-out dates directly with their partners.

“The introduction of new technology is often a pain point in the mortgage industry, something REMN is dedicated to avoiding with the launch of The Hub,” continued McCall. “REMN
Wholesale’s training department is ready to provide private demo webinars and follow-up training sessions between July and September.”

To request additional training assistance and materials, please email
REMN will also be showcasing a live demo of The Hub at the NAMB Annual Convention in September and AIME Fuse in October in Las Vegas.

More information on REMN Wholesale can be found on Facebook at, on Twitter at or on the company’s website at

About REMN Wholesale
REMN is a national wholesale lender, servicing brokers and bankers across the country, providing products with an unwavering emphasis on customer service. Their industry-leading, same-day turn times on new files, combined with their commitment to solving problems with live human beings, has helped REMN to become one of the most trusted wholesale lenders in the country. REMN offers a full range of government and conventional loans as well as a full suite of renovation and non-QM products, supported by regular training opportunities, an award-winning closing department, and a dedicated internal helpdesk.

REMN Wholesale is a division of HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc., DBA Real Estate Mortgage Network.

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