SUBJECT: Supplemental Consumer Information Form

DATE: February 28, 2023

FHFA announced  the requirement of the new Supplemental Consumer Information Form  (SCIF – FNMA/FHLMC form 1103) to be included for all Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans with an application date of March 1, 2023, and later.

The SCIF was designed to gather the borrower’s language preference and collect homeownership counseling data (if required) to better understand the needs of borrowers during the home finance process. The borrower is not required to sign the form; however, it must be delivered to the agency.

Language Preference

REMN will provide the Supplemental Consumer Information Form to the borrower(s) in the initial disclosure package (if we are preparing on behalf of the Broker) or in the redisclosure package for Broker-prepared initial disclosures. The borrower(s) must select either a language preference or may select “I do not wish to respond”.

Homeownership Counseling/Education

REMN’s underwriter will input the details of homeownership counseling if required by the loan program. Otherwise, this section may remain blank.

Other Details

Brokers are not required to provide the Supplemental Consumer Information Form with their submission; however Emerging Bankers must provide to the borrower in their initial package and submit to REMN. A fillable copy of the form can be found under the Forms section at

REMN Underwriters will condition for the Supplemental Consumer Information Form and must have receipt prior to clearing the loan to close.

** Please contact your Account Executive with any questions**

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