Adam H. Says:

After closing our 2nd loan with you guys recently I am compelled to write to you to let you know how valuable your AE Sandra is. I have been in this industry now for over 16 years and actually spent about 6 years as an account exec myself. One of the hardest things to find in recent times is a good account exec. Not only does Sandra do an amazing job of answering calls and emails and getting back to us quickly, but her knowledge of underwriting guidelines is unparalleled and her ability to make our deals feel important to REMN is amazing as well. Sandra is such a good AE that I had to write you to make sure you know that. Her caliber is so rare to find that it is important to me to acknowledge that with you to make sure you know what a rock star you have in Sandra.
Because she does such a good job she has put REMN up in our favorite lender spot. So while we don’t have as many deals lately that we would like we are definitely going to be sending more loans to REMN because of Sandra.