Bill E. Says:

I would like to tell you how appreciative I am of 4 heroes at REMN. The MI company through us a curve ball and we had to jump through hoops to get the loan cleared at the last minute. Andreia Sebastiao is a sweet heart. She is always a dream to deal with. When I sent the request asking for a same day closing, she jumped all over it. Cristina Azevedo must have had nothing to do because she was all over the VOEs before Andreia could even tell me who my closer was. I was assigned Christie Clementelli as my closer for the first time. I don’t think anyone could get a package out as fast as she did. I swear it was record time. Ryan Hale had the HUD cleared before I knew it was even sent by the attorney. REMN has really put an award winning team together. You can tell from the moment a file goes in, to the time Karen’s Heroes gets the file, service is top priority. I don’t see how these people pulled off what they did, but I’m sure they all were wearing superhero capes yesterday.