Bryan P. Says:

Hiram I just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the Muend file with this last minute time crunch. I think REMN should know that client was leaving un expectedly for two weeks work related today at 12 pm. If it weren’t for the help I received it would not have happened. I would like to give special thanks to Heather McAllister who has always provide exceptional help since day one with Security Atlantic. I have been brokering with your company for approximately 10 years now and Heather has always gone above and beyond what anyone should expect in this industry we are in. Special thanks to John Caulfield the underwriter who had handled his normal work load and then went back into file the same day and clear all conditions that weren’t uploaded the first time. My understanding is that REMN’s work load is to have underwriter look at file once per every 24 hours then move to the next. John came through and did more then what was expected to close this loan. I believe the management of REMN should know that with all the lenders pretty much offer the same products and almost the same pricing that if it weren’t for employees like this, I would probably explore what your competitors have to offer. After 12 years in this business, one thing I have learned, is were all as good as our last deal unfortunately. The fortunate part for REMN is that your great on every deal. Once again, John Caulfield, Heather McAllister, and Hiram Collado great job guys. Please make sure you pass this along to them and most importantly the right management so they realize the value they have of being lucky to have the three of you with them.