Chris L. Says:

Marian, just wanted to let you know what a great job your team at REMN did on the Walker file. It was a difficult loan with DPA, FHA and Realtors and all sort of people involved. The cash needed by the DPA was difficult and the loan had to be reworked at closing to get the correct figure. Luis the underwriter was exceptionally helpful re underwriting the new loan amount quickly, as were Christie in closing who did the docs twice and got them out on time so they didn’t have to reschedule closing, and Katie approving the hud so fast so the title company could get to the DPA office to pick up the check for assistance. And also you who held our hand in our first DPA (YIKES) what an experience. But y’all made quite a few people happy – including us and we would like to send kudos to everyone!!! You guys are great to work with!