Christopher L. Says:

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Cheryl Iorlano. When the file was originally assigned to her, it was assigned at 3pm. She had it underwritten and an approval less than 3 hours later. When the appraisal came back, she reviewed it same day and had an updated approval out the same day. I submitted 26 conditions to her at just before noon today. We are clearing the last 3 right now and are about to get a clear to close from her (same day). There are other underwriters who would take the full 48 hours. She also advised me that she noted and recognized that we were close on our contract and lock and that she would clear the last 3 revised conditions as soon as she got them and she would look for the email to come in. This kind of common sense underwriting and attention to detail, speaks volumes. She is easily accessible and answers any email questions you may have. She is clearly and example to follow in your company and she will most definitely be on the top of my underwriter preference list when I submit future files. I will also recommend her to the other Mortgage Loan Originators in my company.

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