May S. Says:

We just completed our first loan with REMN, and were very pleased with the experience. It was a 203K Streamline loan. We were absolutely amazed at the speed of underwriting after you got the appraisal. The underwriting of the loan by Glenn was thorough but not unreasonable, which was refreshing! Glenn was helpful when working through issues with the repairs to the property. You answered your phone and always got back to us with help when we needed it. Conditions were cleared quickly, and when you told us you got a rush, the rush really came through. We were absolutely amazed that a 203K loan could be handled this quickly by a lender. Your company has given us absolutely the best service we have ever gotten when doing a 203K loan. Thanks for getting it closed on time even though our borrower had delayed the process. The agent is happy, the borrower is happy, and we are excited! Thanks for a great experience!