Michael D. Says:

I just wanted to take a moment and give thanks…though sometimes this business can be very trivial and self centered there is a company and two borrowers that are very thankful today. I truly believe that you went above and beyond to make this happen for us. Our teamwork was strong, but in the end of it you have to take your time to review conditions and clear them appropriately. There were some obstacles that needed to be overcome and every time I asked for assistance you were right there with a prompt reply to my questions. We needed to come up with supporting information for some issues that were not cut and dry, that in fact were a result of this changing economy. Through all of it we have a settlement going off in about and hour for some very well deserving individuals that are looking to build a new life together in a new home. Without your work ethic and great care this would not be happening. I am thankful there are still underwriters in this industry like you. I remember different times in this business many, many years ago and it was underwriters like you that made me proud to be in this business and do what I do for a living.