Tammy J. Says:

I personally want to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication. In today’s world of processing and completing a loan all kinds of surprises can pop up and the underwriter told us at the last min. the appraisal expired yesterday. We all thought we had a few more days, even the underwriter. This couple was denied by the bank back in Aug/Sept after they worked on the loan for 3 months. I just got it last week Wens. I still can’t believe it closed. The file is literally 2 inches thick. 8 days and file was closed. This tells me allot about the team of people I work with that pulled together to make this all happen. I am most grate full to my lender and my title company all of which who stayed very late in the day and went above the call of duty. I look back at the stress and chaos all of us were feeling and compare it the the long journey this couple went through to buy this home and that was nothing. I bet they are still pinching themselves wondering did this really happen after 6 months of doubt.

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