Kim D.

I just love your whole closing process - best in the business I think :)

Harry U.

I just wanted to extend my sincere THANKS to you and your staff. I am so impressed by the can do, make it happen attitude that was demonstrated on this loan. It is an awesome and refreshing feeling to work with such attitudes. Thanks REMN. Keep up the freakin awesome work!!!!!

Kathleen H.

As always, you have done an amazing Job on this one, I know it is a small loan, but that never seems to matter to the uw staff at REMN, a home for a client is a home, THANK YOU

Andy M.

Nice work Remn. I'll send more USDA loans your way. Your conventional pricing is still 1% out of the market. But we are seeing quite a few more USDA loans. The purchase market is picking up nicely here.

Chris L.

Marian, just wanted to let you know what a great job your team at REMN did on the Walker file. It was a difficult loan with DPA, FHA and Realtors and all sort of people involved. The cash needed by the DPA was difficult and the loan had to be reworked at closing to get the correct figure. Luis the underwriter was exceptionally helpful re underwriting the new loan amount quickly, as were Christie in closing who did the docs twice and got them out on time so they didn’t have to reschedule closing, and Katie approving the hud so fast so the title company could get to the DPA office to pick up the check for assistance. And also you who held our hand in our first DPA (YIKES) what an experience. But y’all made quite a few people happy – including us and we would like to send kudos to everyone!!! You guys are great to work with!

May S.

We just completed our first loan with REMN, and were very pleased with the experience. It was a 203K Streamline loan. We were absolutely amazed at the speed of underwriting after you got the appraisal. The underwriting of the loan by Glenn was thorough but not unreasonable, which was refreshing! Glenn was helpful when working through issues with the repairs to the property. You answered your phone and always got back to us with help when we needed it. Conditions were cleared quickly, and when you told us you got a rush, the rush really came through. We were absolutely amazed that a 203K loan could be handled this quickly by a lender. Your company has given us absolutely the best service we have ever gotten when doing a 203K loan. Thanks for getting it closed on time even though our borrower had delayed the process. The agent is happy, the borrower is happy, and we are excited! Thanks for a great experience!

Tye C.

I just wanted to say thanks again for you great work on the Agarwal file! Your knowledge and quick response time was key in helping us close this Short Sale before the Short Sale Agreement expired. When we’re doing a deal You are REMN to us – and we’re more than happy to work with you.

Marla B.

Thank you so very much… Love working with you guys… This is my first loan with you all and im telling everyone to use you guys…. Thanks a MILLION

Fara A.

Yeayyyyyy… You really do go an extra mile on the loans to meet our deadlines and we really appreciate that…THANK YOU

James B.

Your closing dept. rocks! They are very helpful

Rosa S.

To all, just wanted to let you know that you guys are the HERO that made this closing happen today! THANK YOU for finishing strong, it is a great feeling to know that I can count on "THE WINNING TEAM", that you have made REMN my lender of choice.

Scott C.

Just a quick note, maybe you can pass it along to Stephanie's manager, to say how impressed I am with her. It's always unsettling dealing with a new bank/lender, not knowing what to expect, and she has been more responsive and helpful than any underwriter I've dealt within the past few years. I've asked a number of questions and she's never made me feel like I was bothering her and has gone out of her way to assist me. She really is an asset to your company. Thank you for everything Stephanie.

Linda R.

Thank you so much for getting this package out asap today, I am astonished! REMN has bent over backwards to help us get this file out being a Short Sale and the 3 day review of Hud. You are all just fantastic and making us all look so wonderful to our Realtors and Clients.

Rachel B.

I cannot express enough to you how much this meant to the borrower that you worked on this file this morning. He has been beside himself with worry about losing his contract on his home & has been under stress concerning the situation with his daughter and her being in limbo with her school. I am working on these right now & will get them uploaded asap. I do have a couple of questions for you though if you can please reply back with the answers so that I can get these done asap. Thanks so very much again!!!

Linda M.

KEVIN...I would like to thank you. You were a godsend and thank you for your excellent customer service and help. I truly appreciate you taking the extra time to make this thing happen.

Lisa F.

I just wanted to let you all know that this was our first loan with you all and we really enjoyed the experience. I am usually pulling my hair out trying to get a loan to closing and this was so easy I had to pinch myself to make sure it was all happening. Thank you all so much.

Phillip L.

Carrie, I truly mean this---YOU ARE THE BEST!!! You really care and that is what sets you apart from other underwriters!

Dave B.

You guys are soooo far ahead of your competitors, it’s amazing. Thank you for your prompt attention during this. It was noticed by all here in our office, including the LO/Owner Mark.

James B.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to compliment one of your underwriters (and our course my great AE, Jeff Lentz). Stephanie really pushed a deal for us....a short sale that had to close by end of month (end of year for that fact). This is my second loan with REMN and both have been great. I look forward to developing a great business relationship with you. I am sure you know what a great underwriter Stephanie is, but I wanted to just say thank you. My guess is that you often only get complaints and good news is nice for a change. Thanks again!

Ron S.

Just wanted to let you know that Shinique did a great job in working with us on the technical issue with FNMA and this file. After two days of effort and even calling FNMA directly it was difficult but she got it done. Give her an award this year for sure. Tell her we really appreciated it.

Eli O.

Everything has been submitted. Thank you tremendously for all the help you have given me on this file. I have been putting the word out. Richard Kirk the king of short sale negotiations!

Nike F.

I wanted to just drop an email to thank you so very much for your hard work on the Adejare file. You handled the underwriting process in a very professional, courteous and attentive mannber. I especially appreciate your immediate responses to our emails, and willingness to go back over the file as many times as it took. It was a real pleasure working with you, and I hope you will accept our requests to have you work on our files in future, because we will certainly request you every chance we get. You are very good at what you do, and REMN is lucky to have you as an underwriter.

Eduardo G.

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your great work. William McCarthy was incredible,very responsive and clear on all he needed. John Harriss i also thank you for playing quaterback on this file. We were able to close a 203k loan in 40 days during christmas maddnes!!!

Linda F.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am very impressed with REMN and with their system. The AC is tops and is very helpful. The uw and all other staff were great to work with. My loan was cleared to close at 10 AM today and Phil has already received the docs for a closing this evening!


Mr. Zafis came by to thank me—he actually closed. he was overwhelmed with gratitude. (as am I) this would never have happened as quickly as it did without the talents and tenacity Erik has. You go the extra mile – always, and with such a wonderful disposition. NO attitude. In this industry, that is very rare.


Wow, I really like Cheryl. She works very hard for Everyone. What a loan this was. The Logan's are so excited about their new home. I'm so happy for their Family. "Hard Work, Luck Comes". **Thank you again Cara, for all the hard work and your assistance on this loan. Team Work again shines to the Top!!! I really enjoy the Relationship I have with you and REMN.

Rachel F.

I appreciate all of you working with us to make this happen. You will have so much more business coming your way as you all have really gone the extra mile to make this happen for us. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Chris C.

Crazy fast that's what keeps us coming back

Karen C.

I have to say hands down, you guys are the BEST lender out there!!!!

Grant W.

I would like to extend a Huge Thank You to all of you for working so hard on this file and actually every file which is sent to REMN. But today especially Sease. You are amazing. The stress you endure on a daily basis and still keep your cheerful voice on the telephone is remarkable. Thank you all again.

Greg H.

Thank you all again!! We are really developing a strong relationship with Laura and all of you at Remn. We will continue shipping files your way because the extra effort you have given.

Linda F.

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my decision to send my Silber loan to REMN. As my first loan with you I was not experienced in how to order the 4506 from RealEC and was unsure which product to order. Customer service at RealEC told me which but I took the liberty of emailing Stefanie to double check. She got right back to me and told me the right product to order and was so nice! Nowadays some underwriters are so nasty that I walk on eggs around them. Between underwriters like Stefanie and an AE like you, I hope to do alot of business with REMN. In fact, I sent a FYI email to everyone in our company to report to them on my positive experience!

Angel M.

I wanted to take out a little time to address my experience with REMN closing my 2 loans. As an AE you addressed all my concerns usually the same day. You helped me get acquainted with your system and together we made all parties very happy with very quick turntimes and fair rates. I would like to address your u/w's Tim and Erik. I felt that all their conditions were fair. I was so impressed by their turntimes and I appreciated their quick responses to my questions. I have dealt with many banks and this has been by far my best experience. Thank you.

Allyson H.

For my first time to work with you, I can honestly say you have been amazing, super fast, and extremely efficient and I can’t wait to work with you again! Have a wonderfully productive end of the month.

Bill F.

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. I have got to tell you I have been in this business 15 years, I have run a 203K division for an FHA lender. Dealt with many underwriters, both as a loan officer and as their supervisor. Good, competent and skilled 203k underwriters are few and far between. You have an absolute gem in Randi. Her approvals are always ahead of schedule, she is rapid to review conditions, but most of all she knows her product and guidelines. Several days ago I had a question on a 203k loan, Randi had an e-mail response back to me within 10 minutes. 10 Minutes, I thought if i received a response by the end of the day it would be great. She is great. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the job she is doing.


Thanks soooooo much Stephanie. No matter how this turns out I have nothing but utmost respect for you as an underwriter and as friend. You always seem to listen to reason and sometimes that is all that it takes to make or break a client’s spirit in the system. You are the best J!!!

Brian M.

Once again, I am blown away at how REMN does business!!! You guys are awesome!!!

Joyce B.

THANK YOU so much working on the CTC for Lumaj. YOU ROCK! Awesome customer service and communication! Its great when we can work together to Get 'Em Closed!

Maria B.

The most helpful helpdesk ever

James D.

you guys are the best closing dept we work with bar none!! thanks for quick turn and getting those docs to the title co by 4pm!!

Maurni M.

I would like to compliment one of your underwriters. This underwriter took time to speak with me on the phone and tell me exactly what she needed to clear this loan. After that she stayed late and cleared it to close, 48 hour turn times did not apply in this case. If it was not for Laura this loan would not have closed on time or most likely at all, as seller would not extend. Laura thank you again for going above and bey o n d , y o u c a n t h e l p g u i d e l

Mark J.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what an asset you have in Laura Holder!! I really do not ever remember dealing with a rep who is more willing to get her hands dirty and help try to close my loans. With all the negatives that swirl around our business she is truly a positive!!!

Grant B.

EVERYONE makes mistakes. And in a mortgage transaction, problems happen. That said, I do NOT judge my business partners on the mistakes they make, but on how they overcome those mistakes. Seeing REMN work hard, as a team, at the 11th hour to make this happen really does mean a lot. THANK YOU TO ALL FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND PERSISTANCE!!! This file was not easy, but it got done. Thank you!

Bryan P.

Hiram I just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the Muend file with this last minute time crunch. I think REMN should know that client was leaving un expectedly for two weeks work related today at 12 pm. If it weren't for the help I received it would not have happened. I would like to give special thanks to Heather McAllister who has always provide exceptional help since day one with Security Atlantic. I have been brokering with your company for approximately 10 years now and Heather has always gone above and beyond what anyone should expect in this industry we are in. Special thanks to John Caulfield the underwriter who had handled his normal work load and then went back into file the same day and clear all conditions that weren't uploaded the first time. My understanding is that REMN's work load is to have underwriter look at file once per every 24 hours then move to the next. John came through and did more then what was expected to close this loan. I believe the management of REMN should know that with all the lenders pretty much offer the same products and almost the same pricing that if it weren't for employees like this, I would probably explore what your competitors have to offer. After 12 years in this business, one thing I have learned, is were all as good as our last deal unfortunately. The fortunate part for REMN is that your great on every deal. Once again, John Caulfield, Heather McAllister, and Hiram Collado great job guys. Please make sure you pass this along to them and most importantly the right management so they realize the value they have of being lucky to have the three of you with them.

Theodore S.

Many, many thanks to Audrey Balog for her help on a recent FHA file. Audrey went above and beyond what I would hope to see from an underwriter to get the loan approved and into closing on time. The Realtor got me the deal with less than adequate time to close. I found out in the loan process that it was one of those deals where both the seller and buyer were contemplating not extending the contract. Thanks to Audrey, it will close on time!!!! We even had a last minute issue after the loan was CTC for which Audrey dropped everything - on the next to last day of the month - to get the issue resolved. That's WAY beyond the call of duty!! She's fantastic...and deserves a large raise!!

George E.

It’s been a while. May I just take a moment of your time to say thank you once again for having outstanding folks like Cheryl and Jennifer? Honestly, the human aspect is in their mindset throughout every loan process, for that I cannot thank you enough for having such a great team. Please hire a dozen of each of them. Thanks again, Noel.

Ellie K.

I have to say, you have been the most responsive underwriter I have ever worked with in my 15 years of this business. I will be sending more of my business your guys way...It is little things like service that really count for me.

John H.

Yes I can’t tell you how much this solidifies much already great respect for your company and our rep Ken Dubman. This is why I always look at your company first when placing a new application. Thanks so much!

Renee G.

I love REMN, so on top of things! I am pushing for all FHA’s thru my processing company to go to you guys, Loving It! The underwriter was awesome, you are all awesome.

Becky D.

I am so IMPRESSED WITH REMN....I wish I had given you a file know how you get Stuck with the Same Lender...I’M GUILTY. But, I am TRULY IMPRESSED WITH EVERYONE THERE!! I CAN’T WAIT TO GET THEM TO THE CLOSING TABLE!! THEIR FIRST HOME!!!

Konstantin Y.

I am one of the Senior Branch Manager at our corporate office. The purpose of this communication is to express our extreme satisfaction with Sandra’s work performance and tailored attention to our files!!! We will continue to send as many loans as we possibly can your way and I wanted you to know that among other good reasons Sandra Rodriguez is the #1 reason why we would do it.

Sue J.

I really appreciate your help in getting this file to closing. I know you really went the extra mile to get this done and I wanted to be sure to tell you…. THANK YOU again! Please also thank all the team members such as Agapi, Karen & Andreia...and any others that worked extra hours and helped to see the package was prepared and funded. You are the best!

Luisa N.

I want to Thank you both so much (Ramon and Shinique), you were both great helping me out and extreme professionalism. Was such a pleasure working with you both, don’t get that very often, you guys made this loan painlessss...

Sarah C.

Hi Anne, wow. So impressed with Cheryl Lorlano. This underwriter is so on top of her files, her turntimes, her email, its really amazing. In conditions we worked thru to clear our file to close, she was easy to communicate with and always upbeat and offering to help. This was my first time working with her, and I wanted to tell you she is one that certainly makes REMN stand out. We will certainly request her when working with your company. I am certain I am not the first to say this about her. Shes really great!! Just wanted you to know...

Bishoi N.

Audrey- I truly sincerely thank you for helping us with this deal, I know most deals are always a rush but this one was really in need of your help. Short sale expires on Monday and there is no way to get a hold of the bank because they use and they don’t communicate daily. On top of the borrower telling his landlord he is moving and he did not want to pay another month rent. I had this borrower pleading and crying to me yesterday and all I did was pray. I know we are not doctors and this is not life or death but we do affect people’s lives and I owe you two big time.


I just wanted to write to you tell you that Laura did an outstanding job underwriting the Dixon file which is closing tomorrow. She signed off on conditions promptly and was very easy to work with and very cooperative. She was always pleasant on the phone and accessible which is a lot more than I can say for other companies. I wish more underwriters were like her. I hope she underwrites more of our files.

Christopher L.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Cheryl Iorlano. When the file was originally assigned to her, it was assigned at 3pm. She had it underwritten and an approval less than 3 hours later. When the appraisal came back, she reviewed it same day and had an updated approval out the same day. I submitted 26 conditions to her at just before noon today. We are clearing the last 3 right now and are about to get a clear to close from her (same day). There are other underwriters who would take the full 48 hours. She also advised me that she noted and recognized that we were close on our contract and lock and that she would clear the last 3 revised conditions as soon as she got them and she would look for the email to come in. This kind of common sense underwriting and attention to detail, speaks volumes. She is easily accessible and answers any email questions you may have. She is clearly and example to follow in your company and she will most definitely be on the top of my underwriter preference list when I submit future files. I will also recommend her to the other Mortgage Loan Originators in my company.

Sandra D.

I just want to thank you and your wonderful staff for accommodating this purchase transaction in such an expedient manner. You were all delightful to work with and very professional. I have already told my company how wonderful the experience was and will have more business to bring your way in the future.

Jason S.

You guys are crazy with the approval times and closing that Gentile. I really appreciate the hustle. I haven’t had service like that in a very long time, if ever.

Nick M.

Good afternoon. I just wanted to let you know what a great closing staff you have over there. People like Susan Bermudez and Yasmin have been a pleasure to work with and understand the importance of getting the job. Both recently stayed at the office very late (9pm) for my Dostoinov purchase and that's just one of the many successful closings between our company and yours. I look forward to more closings together. Here's to 2011!

Michael D.

I just wanted to take a moment and give thanks…though sometimes this business can be very trivial and self centered there is a company and two borrowers that are very thankful today. I truly believe that you went above and beyond to make this happen for us. Our teamwork was strong, but in the end of it you have to take your time to review conditions and clear them appropriately. There were some obstacles that needed to be overcome and every time I asked for assistance you were right there with a prompt reply to my questions. We needed to come up with supporting information for some issues that were not cut and dry, that in fact were a result of this changing economy. Through all of it we have a settlement going off in about and hour for some very well deserving individuals that are looking to build a new life together in a new home. Without your work ethic and great care this would not be happening. I am thankful there are still underwriters in this industry like you. I remember different times in this business many, many years ago and it was underwriters like you that made me proud to be in this business and do what I do for a living.

Todd K.

I just wanted let you know how unbelievable Audrey did on this file. Probably easiest loan ever closed with u all. Submitted last Thursday or Friday and was cleared to close following wed. thanks a bunch

Christopher L.

Thanks Audrey...You are awesome! Less than a day underwriting can't be beaten by anyone. Please forward this e-mail to your boss. Really appreciate how quickly you got this completed.

William F.

The awesome ones are you guys, day in and day out you continually exceed. Not flatter but in fact no other lender can match you in quality, care and courtesy. We appreciate what you do for us.

Aimee M.

Let me just tell you how great Andrea is…..really glad I got to work with her on these last files...she really knows her stuff!

Steve H.

I think you go above and beyond!!! that is not the norm in today's world. I really do appreciate how kind and sweet you are to work with. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy J.

I personally want to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication. In today's world of processing and completing a loan all kinds of surprises can pop up and the underwriter told us at the last min. the appraisal expired yesterday. We all thought we had a few more days, even the underwriter. This couple was denied by the bank back in Aug/Sept after they worked on the loan for 3 months. I just got it last week Wens. I still can't believe it closed. The file is literally 2 inches thick. 8 days and file was closed. This tells me allot about the team of people I work with that pulled together to make this all happen. I am most grate full to my lender and my title company all of which who stayed very late in the day and went above the call of duty. I look back at the stress and chaos all of us were feeling and compare it the the long journey this couple went through to buy this home and that was nothing. I bet they are still pinching themselves wondering did this really happen after 6 months of doubt.


You are a great group to work it, all so pleasant and efficient. I have been in this business a longtime. I processed years ago and jumped ship to appraisal in 2001. Efficient and pleasant is not something you find often in this business, so it is a pleasure working with you all. Thanks, you make a stressful industry feel a lot less stressful...enjoy your day.

Paola N.

Please let Randi know when you get a change how GREAT she is and also that she is the main reason why I choose REMN before any other FHA lender…I really appreciate all of her hard work, she is the best. Thanks so much.


I just want to thank you for helping me get the Doolittle file to closing. I am extremely grateful for the work that Stephanie Sella did to get this file wrapped in time for Paul Doolittle so he could get his tax credit! Right from the beginning she acknowledged the importance of getting this file closed on time. Since it was new construction the timing was tight. Considering the amount of pressure we all are under these days to get to a close, it's great to know that you can still deal directly with an underwriter that actually cares about your file. There was never any attitude about calling too much and she even stayed very late on Tuesday working on files and still getting me an email late at night to let me know where we were with file. Again, thanks for your help but I really want to say that I am extremely impressed with Stephanie and very happy that we have the docs out today and not tomorrow!

Allyson H.

I wanted to take the time to acknowledge Ramon’s hard work and dedication. This is the first time I have been lucky enough to work with him on a file but I really hope it’s not the last! Ramon is always quick to respond to emails and definitely went above and beyond to help us try to get our Cummings file cleared to close. I know this is always a busy time of the month so the extra time and help on this file is much appreciated. This is just another reminder why REMN stands out in underwriting and customer service in the mortgage industry.

Terry W.

Seriously you guys are great everyone that I worked with in your office. Shalonda was wonderful can't wait to get you more business.

George E.

I know all my emails have been about Rosario, but I just wanted to wish you a good day today. You may not know this, but it is a rare and an amazing thing to have ANY underwriter on your side, and working through all issues TOGETHER. I truly appreciate you, your kindness, and seriously, for putting up with me. Thank you. TTYL.

Leslie J.

Please express how fast and superior Randi is as an underwriter. I ALWAYS receive exceptional service from her. I have never been disappointed by her service. Please send this to her Regional and Underwriting Supervisor and tell everyone to work like Randi!

Richard C.

I am sure you guys hear this often, but I have to say that Heather has been more than helpful to me personally. There are always things that don’t require “favors”, but it really helps me as a LO to be able to get the information I need to get from her, and always with a smile. Once again, you probably hear it often, but I believe she has gone above and beyond to make sure that my nerves are calmed, and that’s not an easy thing to do.

George E.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your hard work and TRUE help on this file from Hell. I appreciate your patience and the exceptions you have made to close this deal for me. I do not know of any other lender that would provide me the service and help that you folks have. Thanks a ton. I will get this done!

George E.

I just wanted to let you know what a true asset you have in Maryanne. She is the best of the best at REMN, and anywhere else for that matter. Hard worker, later worker, and a result seeker. Please, hire 20 more like her.


You my dear are why I tell everyone I love working with REMN. You guys are always awesome to work with and all so sweet:)


I just wanted to take a minute to applaud you on your efforts to help me with my file. I think it is very important to a company to have people such as yourself working for them. It is people like you that keeps customers coming back!! I am not very good with expressing myself in a manner that would make you feel all warm and fuzzy so let me just be simple....THANK YOU! As Gordon Ramsey says..."sometimes simplicity goes a lot further!"

Ann Maroe G.


Karen R.

I think Lisa's the best underwriter of ANY of the banks I deal with!

Rick C.

Thanks. You ROCK. I have 2 files coming to you by the names of Wegman and Balthazar. As far as I am concerned, with your level of service I am just an offsite REMN employee. You will get EVERYTHING that you guys will take.

Irene K.

I just want to take a second and THANK YOU all for your hard work and involvement with the closing of Da Silva loan. Due to the circumstances beyond everybody’s control, we had only one day to close and everything was suppose to get done in the last minute. What seemed like an impossible task was completed at the final hour with a lot of help from all of you. Paper and Ink cannot translate what people feel but the desire to genuinely care, and willingness to make a contribution for a better cause can produce unbelievable results. Once again, we cannot thank you enough for all your help and your hard work.

Eduardo S.

I just wanted to thank you for working so quickly to get this file cleared to close today. My borrower, Gladys and I thank you very much. Its service like this that makes our company look good to Realtors and borrowers. I appreciate your hard work very much. I think our industry has forgotten what customer service is all about. We always strive to give our customers the best service possible and I’m elated that you in turn feel the same towards us. Thank you again.

Konstantin Y.

Just wanted to thank you very much for your super good job on this file. We closed it in2 weeks from start to finish. Without you it would not have happened. The borrower is very happy with our service. She promised referrals. I will be sure to place them with you!


I just wanted to tell you how much we like Andrea. She is a great u/w. I went over a file with her last night at 8 p.m. She does everything that she can to help get the file to work. She is quick on replies. Very nice to work with!!!

Lisa N.



I just wanted to say thank you for going the extra mile in getting my loan closed. There were a few kinks at the end where some of the docs expired and it appeared that you just put everything else aside so as to get this loan closed as scheduled. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and I will definitely request you as my Underwriter on all of my files. You are the epitome of what an Underwriter should be.Again, thank you.

Jerry D.

I am so grateful…Best I can do is keeps sending business your way…Been years since I got service like this from any lender…Would deliver lunch to the whole office but that is probably not allowed. Don’t know how many ways to say, "Thanks"

Keith G.

Wow..thank you for making us look so good. The agents and the home buyers wanted me to thank both of you. I’m not sure I can express the relief my office is going through right now to have this headed to a conclusion. As always, you guys rock!

Mike S.

Unbelievable job! Really…..fantastic. I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate all of your work to make this happen so quickly. I will be sending an email letter out to all of the other LO’s and staff telling them about your heroics. I will copy you on the email as well. You will see a lot business. Thanks again!

Cynthia H.

I just got thru running thru my office bragging on you for such fast service...

Michael S.

Agapi, I have been in this business for 12 years and it is pretty rare that I am shocked anymore. I would like to let you know that I am definitely shocked. When I read the email that this was actually going to close today, I sat in awe and wonder staring at my screen with my jaw literally hanging wide open. I am literally still in shock how anyone could have pulled this off. Especially given it’s the end of the month, and I know how busy you guys are. I can’t believe this. It’s simply incredible. Whatever you are paid, it is not enough. Thank you so much. Your outstanding work is so much more appreciated than I could ever possibly hope to express in one email. THANK YOU!!!!!! I have never worked with a more efficient closing department in my career, nor have I ever had one where the closer managed GIGANTIC last minute challenges with this high a level of professionalism and speed. All the while, keeping everyone calm like it was no big thing. Wow. Great Job!!!! Please feel free to email this to everyone in your department as well because EVERYONE there that I have spoken to has been a pleasure to speak with and way more than helpful.

Eileen H.

I'm so excited!!! Herman you are so awesome to work with!!!! You really do go above and beyond and I want you to know that I truly appreciate that!!

Earl M.

CONGRATULATIONS, you have one of the best underwriters on the planet on your staff. The word BEST defined as, knowledgeable, focused and efficient.

Danny J.

I want to thank David Leon and your entire staff for your prompt service and professionalism, you guy’s kill the competition!!!!

Judy G.

I just want to tell you what a pleasure it was working with you on Royal’s closing. I told Mr. Wimberly of The Mortgage Center how smoothly everything was going (before the closing). After all the signing, the people were handed their checks and as they were walking out, I overheard the agents, the buyer and the sellers comment how easy this went. The agents thought it was wonderful how quickly the money was disbursed. Miguel replied if it were not for the lenders working together it would not have gone as well. So, Thank you for all your professional assistance. May I recommend you to others or do you have certain networks you work with? We would certainly love to work with you again.

Dave B.

You guys are soooo far ahead of your competitors, it’s amazing. Thank you for your prompt attention during this. It was noticed by all here in our office, including the LO/Owner Mark.

Melissa A.

This is why I even send my conventional to you guys now. It is all about peace of mind and your back end closing department is by far the BEST in the business. I would have never expected for docs to go out tonight when I ordered them at 3pm and low and behold they just bang em out! They really are second to none in our business and make me look good every file. I heart REMN bunches :)

Lisa E.

Thank you everyone but Colleen you are the BEST underwriter that I have ever in 20 years worked with !!! Thank you. Looking forward to working with you on our next fha or USDA loan through Remn.

Brandi W.

It’s well deserved. Not only have you been amazingly quick, you have been very positive and upbeat. (That makes us feel great to see that we had a good submission). Way to go! Can’t wait to work with you again!!

Jodi S.

I am speechless and super thankful that you successfully pulled off the Wilson file yesterday in just a few short hours. I never thought it was going to be possible. But with grace and ease you made it look so simple. Thank you Thank you Thank you……..Closing Department for your quick response to our rush closing. To say the least your absolutely fabulous. We greatly appreciate all you do.

Kevin M.

Thank you all so much for everything you did on this loan. To put a veteran who has no use of his legs protecting our freedoms into a home was a great honor for me and it would not have happened without all of your help, thanks again!

Bill E.

I would like to tell you how appreciative I am of 4 heroes at REMN. The MI company through us a curve ball and we had to jump through hoops to get the loan cleared at the last minute. Andreia Sebastiao is a sweet heart. She is always a dream to deal with. When I sent the request asking for a same day closing, she jumped all over it. Cristina Azevedo must have had nothing to do because she was all over the VOEs before Andreia could even tell me who my closer was. I was assigned Christie Clementelli as my closer for the first time. I don't think anyone could get a package out as fast as she did. I swear it was record time. Ryan Hale had the HUD cleared before I knew it was even sent by the attorney. REMN has really put an award winning team together. You can tell from the moment a file goes in, to the time Karen's Heroes gets the file, service is top priority. I don't see how these people pulled off what they did, but I'm sure they all were wearing superhero capes yesterday.

Mark G.

I want to let you know that I had a very nice conversation with Stephanie a few moments ago regarding this loan and she was extremely helpful and made me feel that my business was important. She went out of her way to assist me and is an asset to your firm.

Stephanie L.

I would like to stop and take a LONG minute to thank you so very much for getting my Clark file closed in such short notice. You went above and beyond to get this expedited and it is so much appreciated. You have been helpful, knowledgeable and patience on all of my closing with REMN. I look forward to future closings with you and again appreciate all your assistance in getting my files closed.

Sue M.

Thank you! I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate Gabby and Carrie – they are so awesome and go out of their way to make things happen. I sent a loan to Carrie that I knew would not get approved, but I told the client that I would give it a try and Carrie was extremely professional about it. Just hope management knows – they are a great team!

Juanita S.

You’re the best J. I love REMN’s closing department. This is not just blowing smoke either. You and your team work so hard to satisfy and train us the brokers and I personally appreciate you!!!

Ted L.

I just wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for another file that I closed with REMN. Specifically I want to thank my Account Executive John Salerno, the underwriting team that worked on the file, and your exceptionally talented folks in your closing department. It never ceases to amaze me that I can get a CTC on a file and close it the very same day - REMN is the only lender that I know of that can do that. Salerno does such a phenomenal job of getting what needs to be done, and the folks in your closing department do their jobs with incredible speed. I wanted REMN as a whole, and these individuals specifically to know how much their efforts on this file are appreciated.

Patricia M.

I am a firm believer if you are ever going to complain about a situation, you in turn have to give accolades. I received my approval for NOVAK on Tuesday the 16th and received my clear to close on Friday, the 19th. FOUR DAYS!!!! The consistent and AWESOME involvement with my files on the part of my rep, John Salerno, the amazing job from the opening department, Juan Pujols, FHA relations, Erica at the lock desk, your closing department, and all those that made this possible, verifies again for me why every sold loan I have is submitted to REMN if it meets the guidelines. The turn time for approvals and the ability to close a loan the same day as receiving a clear to close is outstanding and this email is to insure that the appropriate recognition is given.

Adam H.

After closing our 2nd loan with you guys recently I am compelled to write to you to let you know how valuable your AE Sandra is. I have been in this industry now for over 16 years and actually spent about 6 years as an account exec myself. One of the hardest things to find in recent times is a good account exec. Not only does Sandra do an amazing job of answering calls and emails and getting back to us quickly, but her knowledge of underwriting guidelines is unparalleled and her ability to make our deals feel important to REMN is amazing as well. Sandra is such a good AE that I had to write you to make sure you know that. Her caliber is so rare to find that it is important to me to acknowledge that with you to make sure you know what a rock star you have in Sandra. Because she does such a good job she has put REMN up in our favorite lender spot. So while we don't have as many deals lately that we would like we are definitely going to be sending more loans to REMN because of Sandra.

Nicol N.

I've worked with many lenders and wanted to take a moment to express how impressed i am with Colleen. Her communication and product knowledge, but most importantly, her willingness to help is AMAZING! You do not see many underwriters with that type of customer service and skill level.

Edward C.

I just wanted to let you know how quick to respond and helpful Sherri has been. This loan was submitted on 6/5 and we will be closing on 6/27 or 6/30 depending on the buyer and seller schedules. Less than 30 days is impressive in this Dodd-Frank and CPFB environment we live in and Sherri made it happen.

K Dee H.

I know we had some issues today, but I will say that I have never had a lender get a package out at 7pm, approve a HUD and send a package for a late night closing. We closed this loan at 9:30 tonight. Thanks to everyone for all you did to make this happen.

Ashley K.

I am a mortgage banker and I have been working with Jacqueline Marshall in an attempt to close an FHA 203k streamline loan. She has been an amazing person with which to work. She answers every question that I and my borrowers have and her responses are so quick that I never have to worry about this loan. I am one of two loan officers who has been trained on this program, knowing that I have the support of someone as amazing as Jacqueline makes the 203k loan less intimidating and easier to handle. I wanted to thank you for training such a wonderful staff and let you know how highly I think of Jacqueline. She is an asset to your company and has become an invaluable resource for me during this process. Thank you and I look forward to working with your company on the next loan.